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April 2023

Movie Trailer: AKA (2023)

Movie: AKA (2023)

A steely special ops agent finds his morality put to the test when he infiltrates a crime syndicate and unexpectedly bonds with the boss's young …

Series: Pandora; Beneath The Paradise Season 1 (2023) Korean

In order to protect her beloved family, Hong Tae-Ra (Lee Ji-Ah) must become the First Lady of Korea. First episode date: 11 March 2023 (South Korea…

Movie Trailer: 76 (2016) Nollywood

Movie: 76 (2016) Nollywood

The pregnant wife of a young soldier accused of complicity in the abortive coup of 1976 helps him prove his innocence. Initial release: 11 Septembe…

Movie Trailer: Hunger Games; The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes (2023)

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Movie Trailer: Black Knight Season 1 (2023) Korean

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Movie Trailer: Soul Of Light (2023)

Movie: Soul Of Light (2023) Chinese

"Yang Spirit" is a costume fantasy and suspense film that tells the story of Zhao Fei Rong, the saint of the Dalo sect, who tries every mea…

Movie Trailer: The Magic Flute (2023)

Movie: The Magic Flute (2023)

Tim has been dreaming his whole life about attending music school, but his first days confront him with a hostile headmaster, the stresses of a fir…

Movie Trailer: Fear (2023)

Movie: Fear (2023)

A weekend vacation turns sinister when a group of friends must confront their worst fears one by one. Release date: 27 January 2023 (USA) Genre: Ho…

Movie Trailer: Peter Pan And Wendy (2023)

Movie: Peter Pan And Wendy (2023)

Wendy Darling, a young girl looking to avoid boarding school, meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Wendy, her brothers, and Tinker Bell t…

Series: Bel Air Season 2 (2023)

Previous Episodes: 1-8 Episode 9: Download Now Episode 10(end): Download Now

Movie Trailer: Sweet Tooth Season 2 (2023)

Series: Sweet Tooth Season 2 (2023) Complete Episodes

On a perilous adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, a boy who's half-human and half deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector. …

Movie Trailer: The Witcher Season 3 (2023) Teaser

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Series: Oasis Season 1 (2023) Korean

Previous Episodes:1-14 Episode 15: Download Now Episode 16(end): Download Now Join our Telegram channel or Whatsapp group for Updates on remaining …

Series: Superman and Lois Season 1-3 (2023)

After years of facing supervillains, monsters and alien invaders, the world's most famous superhero, The Man of Steel aka Clark Kent and comic bo…

Series: Gotham Knights Season 1 (2023)

Batman is dead, and a powder keg has ignited Gotham City without the Dark Knight to protect it. In the wake of Bruce Wayne's murder, his adopte…

Movie Trailer: Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Childhood (2022)

Movie: Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Childhood (2022)

A man narrates stories of his life as a 10-year-old boy in 1969 Houston, weaving tales of nostalgia with a fantastical account of a journey to the …

Movie Trailer: Wedding Season (2022)

Movie: Wedding Season (2022)

Pressured by their parents to find spouses, Asha and Ravi pretend to date during a summer of weddings, only to find themselves falling for each other…

Movie Trailer: Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022) Indian

Movie: Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022) Indian

After being duped and sold to a brothel, a young woman takes control of the world she was once a pawn in, utilising her underworld connections to r…

Series: Oasis Season 1 (2023) Korean

Set during the 1980's and 1990's, a story unfolds about the dreams, friendships, and love of three young people. Lee Doo-Hak (Jang Dong-Yoon)…

Movie: Scream 6 (2023)

Four survivors of the Ghostface murders leave Woodsboro behind for a fresh start in New York City. However, they soon find themselves in a fight for …

Movie Trailer: 1up (2022)

Movie Trailer: The Independent (2022)

Movie: The Independent (2022)

A young journalist discovers a conspiracy involving a U.S. Presidential candidate that could change the election and the fate of the country. Initial…

Movie: 1UP (2022)

Valerie is a competitive gamer whose impressive skills have landed her a place on her university's male-dominated esports team. Told she'll…

Movie Trailer: Brazen (2022)

Movie Trailer: The Round Up (2022) Korean

Movie: The Round Up (2022)

A police officer travels to Vietnam to extradite a suspect and discovers a murderer who has been targeting tourists for years. Release date: 18 May…

Movie: Brazen (2022)

Mystery writer Grace Miller is famous for her instinct for solving crimes. When her sister is murdered, she is forced to use all of her talents in …

Movie Trailer: The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

Movie: The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

Jesus Christ, the savior of humanity, is betrayed by one of his disciples and captured by the Romans. Even during a torturous death, Jesus redeems …

Series: Till The End Of The Moon Season 1 (2023) Chinese

In an era when the demons are in power, they are the masters of the despicable cultivators and mortals. The cultivator elders deem it necessary to se…

Series: Rabbit Hole Season 1 (2023)

Nothing is what it seems when John Weir, a master of deception in the world of corporate espionage, is framed for murder by powerful forces with th…

Movie Trailer: Kantara (2022) Indian

Movie: Kantara (2022) Indian

A death in the village of Dakshina Kannada leads to a war between the villagers and the forces of evil. Release date: 30 September 2022 (India) Genre…

Movie Trailer: Hatching (2022)

Movie: Hatching (2022)

Tinja is a 12-year-old gymnast who's desperate to please her image-obsessed mother. After finding a wounded bird in the woods, she brings its str…

Series: The Real Housewives Of Abuja Season 1 (2023) Nollywood

The Real Housewives of Abuja (RHOA) follows the luxurious lives of six influential and successful women in Abuja. The women include Arafa, Comfort …

Movie Trailer: Tyler Perry's Ruthless Season 4 (2023)

Series: Tyler Perry's Ruthless Season 1-3 (2022)

Ruth Truesdale becomes entangled in a scandalous cult of powerful sex crazed fanatics, with whom she must play along until she can find a way to fr…
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